Saturday, May 18, 2013


After speech therapy yesterday, I thought it would be nice to take a drive to a place my husband has passed by for years and years during his work hours.  He chose a very small airport.  Very small.  It was in Hollister.

We took our lunch with us and when we went to get out of the car to sit at a table for a picnic, the wind was blowing so hard we could hardly stand up!  So we got back in the car and sat there having a car picnic and watching the work being done on the mini airport.

We didn't see a single plane take off.  It looked like they repairing the runway with a lot of construction going on.  But we enjoyed watching the equipment moving in all different directions and the wind doing the same.  As we talked we brought up how we seem to both be such a match as what two other couples totally enjoy sitting in a car, eating lunch, watching a bunch of construction equipment moving around and thinking what a fun time we are having!

We've always seemed to be a perfect match.  We have both always enjoyed repairing things and coming up with new creative ideas.  Oh....don't get me wrong.  We have had our fair share of disagreements and big ones at that, but the wonderful thing about it all is we both carry in our hearts the key to staying together when there are steep hills to get over....when there are the boulders of life to climb.....when the road gets so rocky and you don't have your seatbelt on that you could almost fall out of the doorless car.  That key is like a super glue that just doesn't's love.  We seem to get through everything because we have it, we see it, and we feel it.  Every day.....yes, every single day, we both feel it.

So as we sat there, relaxing, visiting, and enjoying our time together watching everything going in every different direction it made me think that even though we have been through a variety of experiences in our life together ...that just like a plane could take off strong and steady in a heavy wind, our love for one another has been just that....strong and steady.

Sometimes in life it's not so much where one is standing in different situations but in what direction you are always moving and I have learned that the direction my husband and I are always moving is in the direction of LOVE!....and how can you get lost with that!

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