Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Be in Love with your Life...

I have this quote hanging up in my living room.  I see it each morning as I enter my kitchen.  It's a reminder that a brand new day has begun.  I get to be the writer of my day.  How will I spend my time today?   Will I be living with some sort of problem that occurred yesterday or will I let that go and begin this day problem free, full of love in my life.   

Why do I need a reminder?  Because sometimes there are boards out of place in the floor of life that cause us to trip.  And when we trip, sometimes the fall isn't that hard, but for some reason it stirs up a pain that is deeper inside of us.   Maybe it stirs up the need for the feelings missed in life like when someone notices you and tells you that you are special and it sends a chill up your spine and goose bumps crawling all up and down your arms and legs. 

Or, maybe it stirs up a reminder of a  feeling at a time when you felt as though you were on top of the world...that you were the best at everything you tried and you felt fulfilled and wonderful within yourself....or the times you laughed so hard that your stomach hurt and your eyes watered.  You didn't want the laughter to stop.  And you look for every opportunity now for that laughter.  You look for the little gifts that make you laugh or make you cry with happiness.

Sometimes the gifts that are the smallest bring the greatest appreciation for being in love with your life every minute of it...just as the boards in the floor of life just need a little nail to secure keep things in place.  Its a little nail that will make a big difference.

Last night my six year old grandson came running over and flung open the front door proudly and loudly announcing, "I can tie my shoes.  I can tie my shoes.  Do you wanna see?"!!!  His little 3-year old following right behind with a huge smile of happiness and anticipation of me watching his older brother tie his shoe in front of me for the very first time.  When he did it, they both looked at me to see my look of amazement and to announce what a special day this was!  He tied his shoe.  All by himself, he tied his shoe.  

To some it may be little, but to someone little it was big....and it is these times, these seconds, that make us appreciate and be in love with life every minute of it.  They are small gifts that hold the floor boards of life in place so that when we trip on them we may be crying for no pain at all, but for the little nails that we are grateful to have in our life....every minute of cause us to be in love with our life.

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