Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Magic of Music

It has been a very long time since I have written on my blog.  I have missed it.  I've written on and off in my journal when the moment strikes me.  I get so much relief out of writing.  It helps me to get it all out….all my heart felt feelings.  It strikes every chord in my mind and connects it to the strings in my heart deep down to my soul.

Just like the magic in music of Lionel Richie, writing can sweep me away to a special place..a
place of love and peace and happiness.  Sometimes it takes me to a place of tears…tears that I have dammed up for quite along time and I was afraid what would happen if the dam broke open.

The dam finally did break.  It hurt but at the same time the pressure that was building up against the wall I had built to protect myself felt that it had opened to bring me some relief.  Initially it hurt and I was scared of going through the clean up the flood would bring.  But when the water had lowered, I felt good.   I felt so so good.

Listening to the music concert of Lionel Richie from 2012 in Las Vegas and the words to his songs (on YouTube) helped to connect the the right chords with the right strings to strum in my soul.  I wanted to dance and stay in that virtual moment forever.  I felt every song reached through to all the years of life I had ever experienced.  It touched on those special moments of happiness and fun…when nothing mattered in the world except laughing at fun things…..laying on the beach with the transistor radios all around playing with the same radio station on so that the entire beach became one big stereo.  And remembering how you could look around the beach and see so many people standing up and dancing in the sand that without hesitation I joined in.   Everything was perfect.  You didn't want to leave for home.  Bonfires started up.  Guitars were brought out in the light of the bonfires.  And singing together took over.  Strangers became friends as the songs brought us all together in one unified group because we all knew all the words to the songs.

We would exchange phone numbers or times and days when we would meet  up the next weekend at the same spot for the same wonderful fun.  Social exchange was at it's best.  It wasn't  on- line….it was in person…where you could see the sparkle in a person's eyes when they met up with you…the smile their lips brought to their naturally beautiful faces…the hug of kindness as we would say our good-byes for the evening.  I felt in touch with that time in life again with the Lionel Richie Friends concert.  It felt so good.

I realize I was so fortunate to have had that experience in my past.  And I'm so lucky to be able to connect with the magic of music today.  I realize there are individuals who have a difficult time finding that spot.  But I am a lucky one.  I so easily can tap into those moments in my past so that I am able to connect today with what my mind, my heart and my soul had felt.

So how am I able to reach those wonderful times of the past?  My thought is that sometimes we want to just walk around keeping all this info uninterrupted in calm and peace within us…but then the chaos of life interferes and we can't so easily connect with all the beauty we had and have even though we know all this wonderfulness is there, we just can't quite reach it.  When I sit outside, and either relax in quiet or listening to music in a beautiful place, then I so easily remember, "yes". There it is.  It IS there and it always is if we just relax and realize..we can find the tools to help us to return to reach it again.  And sometimes one of those tools is the beauty of nature combined with the magic of music.

So here's to Dancing on the Ceiling….from dancing in the sand!

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